Feel Appreciation For Who You Are

08When you become consumed with negative thoughts about yourself, it is nearly impossible to feel appreciation for who you are.  You are absent of worthiness and full of self-doubt.  You get caught in a never-ending cycle of self-defeating behaviors and before you know it, you cannot find meaning or purpose in your life.  This state of mind will eventually affect your overall well-being including your health, not to speak of your relationships.

When you get caught in the gloom of negativity, the energy you put off becomes toxic and soon no one wants to be around you.  You are what many refer to as a “downer”.  You bring down those around you with your constant negative chatter, filling the room with nothing but your own pessimism.  It gets to the point where even you cannot stand to be in your own skin.  Those who love you try to offer guidance in an effort to help you feel better, but it does not do any good.  You take what they have to say with a grain of salt and continue with your own miserable life feeling sorry for yourself.  Is this really how you want to live?  Do you honestly believe you were born to feel and be miserable?  No!  You were born to enjoy life and to be happy!  You were born to expand within your own creation of your Inner Life.

07I know how difficult it can be to appreciate and feel good about yourself when you are full of self-loathing, but it is possible if you really want to.  Sometimes, in order to find and feel appreciation for who we are, regardless of how we got to where we are, it may serve us well to look outside ourselves first.  Select a few things, or even just one thing that makes you feel good and then feel appreciation for it until you feel a shift in your energy…..and you will.  For some this may take a matter of minutes; for others it may take a matter of days.  It all depends on how much you want to feel better and how much focus you give to this thing. 

When the shift occurs, there will be an automatic positive momentum started toward feeling better as long as you remain focused on what feels good.  From this point forward, fill yourself up with the people, places and things that bring you the most joy and happiness. Find appreciation for all of God’s perfect creations and then ALLOW yourself to find appreciation for who YOU really are – know that you too, are one of God’s perfect creations.  When you feel appreciation for who you are, it creates positive energy so strong that you will begin to love yourself unconditionally exactly as you are.  It is then that the darkness of negativity fades away and the positive light of who you really are shines through!!!

Love & Light,

Cynthia K Ortiz, Inner Life Guidance Coach

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Lacking Belief in Yourself

10Believing in yourself will make you feel confident, self-assured and worthy.  You will stand up for what you believe in, acknowledge your accomplishments, and take pride in your work and efforts. Although things may not always go the way you want them to, you recognize that you did your best and you keep on trying.  You do not acknowledge “failure” as a negative but as a stepping stone toward something better.  You have faith and trust that all is well and great things are yet to come.  You are authentic in who you are and treat yourself with respect.  You nurture and care for your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Your internal focus and thoughts are always on the positive aspects of life and of who you truly are.

If you live with disbelief in yourself, it can lead to a very self-destructive life style.  You will be filled with self-doubt, inherit self-sabotaging behaviors, call yourself names, criticize everything you do or don’t do, and question your worthiness.  You treat yourself the same way an abusive partner would treat you.  Eventually you grow to be detached from the world and live with self-hatred.  You no longer care about who you are or what you are doing.  You allow negativity to control you creating mental and physical health issues.

Living with this type of disbelief comes from only one place and that is the past.  Somewhere along the line you attached yourself to negative belief patterns that you play over and over in your head.  Your awareness of these belief patterns may not always be in the forefront but they are there just waiting for something or someone to trigger them.  Once they are triggered your self-worth drops ten stories and you are left standing in a pool of self-doubt.  Before you know it, you are living in your past and you have left your true-self behind.

46The best way to conquer these negative belief patterns is to nip them in the bud as soon as they arise.  How will you know they have risen before it is too late?  You will know by how you feel.  As soon as you start to feel “bad”, take note of what you are thinking.  Be consciously aware of what words are playing in your mind.  Once you are aware of what you are thinking, you are now in control because you have the power to stop it.  You have the power to change your beliefs. 

A belief is ONLY a thought that you keep thinking.  Take the time to replace ALL negative beliefs and thought patterns with positive ones.  It does not matter if you believe what you are now telling yourself.  Eventually your mind will reprogram itself to believe the “new” thoughts and so will you!  This process will also keep you in the present moment and that is where you want to be.  There is never any negativity when you are focused in the present moment.  The past and future do not exist in the present moment so there will never be disbelief or self-doubt in yourself!  So where would you like to be ~ in the past disbelieving in yourself or in the present moment believing completely in yourself?!

Love & Light,


** I am a Personal Development Life Coach!  I work with people who want to better themselves, their lives, their relationships or who just want to be happy!  If you do not live in the area, no worries!  I offer e-coaching (e-mail) and phone coaching.  Please visit www.cindy-ortiz.com for more information or to contact me.  I’d love to hear from you!

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