Diminishing the Problem Monster

Is there a problem you are facing today?  One that makes you feel overwhelmed, stressed out, full of anxiety, sad or unhappy?  Does it feel as though it is bigger than you?  In a sense it is because you are allowing yourself to see it that way.  You have expanded the size of it in your mind into this great big huge monster just waiting to take you down.  It is as though you are looking at it through a magnifying glass believing it is just too much to handle. 

Simply speaking, you are allowing this problem, which in fact lives in your outer life control you by blocking you from your Inner Life.  It is taking you away from your healthy peace of mind and well-being because you carry it with you wherever you go.  You wake up with it and you go to bed with it all the while allowing it to rip you to pieces, denying you the happiness that lives inside you.


When we give into our fears our problems multiply because our focus is solely on what is going “wrong”.  There is nothing that cannot be resolved one way or another.  So instead of allowing this negative force take you away from what really matters, change your perspective of it, change your beliefs about it, or come into acceptance of it.  When you do one or all of these things you will soon see how easy it is to diminish the problem monster and return to your natural state of being – Happiness!

Love & Light,

Cindy Ortiz, Inner Life Guidance Coach

* Please feel free to e-mail me at cindy@cindy-ortiz.com if you have any questions regarding today’s post, want to share your own experiences, or if you feel you need a little guidance in your life right now.  I will always respond within 24-hours PST.  With Much Love…..

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The Freedom of Forgiveness

08Forgiveness is not about the other person. Forgiveness is about freeing OURSELVES from the pain, anger, resentment and negativity we hold against someone else so WE can move forward.  I believe the reason it is so difficult to find forgiveness is because we believe saying “I forgive you” means the same as saying “what you did was okay”.  However, this is not the case.  Forgiveness is not about saying what was done was “OK”; it is about offering a deep understanding toward the other person.  If someone does something that necessitates forgiveness it is because their actions are coming from a place of pain, anger or discontent within themselves and has absolutely nothing at all to do with you.  It is NOT personal so do not take anything anyone does or says “against” you personally.

When you live without forgiving you are choosing to live in pain and in the past.  This will create the inability to move forward in your own life and in future relationships.  You will become afraid of opening up and of being hurt; building walls to keep out any possibility of being hurt again. What you do not realize is that you are only hurting yourself.  You think you are punishing the other person by holding a grudge toward them but you are only punishing yourself.

We have to remember that we do not know what is inside someone else. We don’t know what drives them to do “right” or “wrong”, to lie or not to lie, to cheat or not to cheat.  But what we do know is that we have a choice. We can offer our understanding, knowing it has nothing to do with us and move on or we can hold onto the pain, anger and resentment that we CHOOSE to feel.  No one is to blame for how we feel but ourselves, and yes, this is hard to do at times.  Even I have allowed the words and actions of someone else control how I felt and where did it take me?  It took me to a place I never want to go again. A place where emotion and pain run way too high for comfort.  So what did I do?  I remembered I had a choice; I can feel good or I can feel bad.  And then I offered forgiveness with a deep understanding and it was then that I was able to move on and oh what a “freeing” feeling it was!

48So ask yourself this ~ are you holding onto any pain, anger or resentment because of someone else, because you have not been unable to forgive them?  Do you love yourself enough to free yourself from those feelings?  Would you like to allow yourself the freedom of forgiveness?  Then I say this to you….yes you….just do it. Just let go and move on!  There is no need to figure it out, pick it apart, analyze what happen or blame yourself.  It was never about you anyways ~ you are perfect exactly as you are and so are they. Find forgiveness in your heart and allow yourself the peace of mind and well-being you deserve!

Love & Light,

Cindy Ortiz

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