It’s Good To Be Back

Last year was by far the worst year of my life!  I was in a total fog, not able to get in touch with myself.  I knew I was here and yet I was gone.  I couldn’t get a grasp of what was going on in and around me.  I was in a downward tailspin desperately trying to hold on.  I just kept sinking.  I knew which way was up but I was afraid.  I was afraid of expressing my grief and heartache because I didn’t want to feel it anymore than what I already was.  I was afraid to express my unhappiness and disillusions.  I was even afraid to reach out for help, support and guidance.  I felt so alone.  I even lost touch with my Inner Life and I lost my faith.  I was no longer taking a fearless leap of faith toward true happiness but instead I was falling with fear, sadness, and anger.  I was so angry at myself for allowing my feelings and emotions to get as far as they did.  

When it got to the point where I had enough of feeling this way, a miracle occurred.  I opened my eyes and allowed the truth.  I was able to see everything so clearly that it actually made me physically sick and yet at the same time I was filled with an overwhelming amount of relief and sense of peace.  I could actually breathe again. I took the next three months in stride, putting myself and my life back together, still swaying from time to time, but holding strong.  I took back control and did what I had to do in order to live the life I want and feel the way I should feel.  It didn’t have to be this way though.  Not because I knew better, but because I am in control of how I feel no matter what the circumstances.  I allowed too many things consume me and nearly eat me alive.  Instead of expressing, I crumbled.  

I can honestly say, it will never happen again.  My happiness, my state of mind, and my well-being are the most important things to me, as it should be.  If I am not good for myself, how am I supposed to be any good for anyone else.  As much as I suffered through the year, I now embrace it with great love and understanding.  It didn’t define me, but it did allow me to grow and to learn more about myself and others, some good, some not so good.  I am finally back to feeling like Cindy again and oh what a joyful feeling that is!  I sure did miss me! 

If true and lasting happiness is what you seek, seek first from within. Live, breathe and be your Inner Life. Quiet your mind, focus solely on the present moment and allow the power of your Inner Life guide you to where you want to be. – Cindy Ortiz

Live, Love & Breathe Life

Love & Light,


Spring Clean Your Life

649When was the last time you did some spring cleaning?  And I am not just talking about your closets, basement or garage.  I am talking about spring cleaning your life.  There is certainly nothing wrong with taking inventory once or twice a year.  Decide on what is pleasing in and enhancing your life and let go of what isn’t.  In fact, this is a healthy process of staying in tune with your Inner Life because it allows you to keep growing and moving forward in a positive manner. 

When your life becomes nothing more than a routine or in some cases a chore, it is time to do some spring cleaning.  It is very common for people to become complacent with their life and relationships.  You may think that where you are is as good as it gets or as far as you can go but you are further from the truth.  Sometimes all it takes is a little freshening up to get things moving again.  

650The early years start out fresh and airy but before you know it ten years have passed you by and you and your life are stale and stagnant.  To fully understand the significance of spring cleaning, think of how you would feel if you were to wake up tomorrow morning stuck in the mud, unable to move or breathe.  It would not feel very good would it?  Unfortunately, this is what happens to so many people but at a much slower pace.  Some don’t even realize it until they take a good long hard look at their lives. 

651If you are completely happy with your life and relationships, then keep doing what you are doing.  If it works, keep on working it.  But if you are one of millions who suffer from unsatisfying and unhappy lives, why not take the first step in spring cleaning your life. 

Ask yourself how your life feels and then make two separate lists.  One of all the things you are happy with and one with all the things you are not happy with.  This should include the people in your life, your habits, behaviors, career, responsibilities, your home, material possessions, etc.  It is important to be totally honest with yourself especially when it comes to relationships.  Just because someone is a family member, friend or partner doesn’t mean they can’t drag you down.  They may be genuinely good people who you care about but if they encourage, enable, support or add any type of negativity in your life, how can they be enhancing it?  Regardless of who or what, how YOU feel is all that matters. 

646Once your two lists are made, you can start your spring cleaning of the things you don’t need, want or that make you unhappy.  There is no need to tackle the whole list all at once.  Select one thing a week to work on so long as you are doing something to freshen your life back up again.  You’d be surprised at how quickly things will change and how much better you will feel.  Do whatever it takes for you and your life to feel good, to feel breathable, to feel relaxed and peaceful, but most importantly to feel and be truly happy.  The time is always NOW and there is always time for spring cleaning NOW!

If true and lasting happiness is what you seek, seek first from within.  Live, breathe and be your Inner Life.  Quiet your mind, focus solely on the present moment, and allow the power of your Inner Life guide you to where you want to be…… 

Love & Light,

Cynthia K Ortiz, Inner Guidance Life Coach