Detoxing Your Mind

04We cleanse our bodies as a healthy means to flushing out unwanted toxins, but how often do we cleanse our minds of toxic thoughts?  Our minds are just as important as our bodies, if not more, for what we feed our minds, feeds our bodies.  Unhealthy thoughts lead to unhealthy habits that can eventually cause disease and death.  How and what you think will ultimately contribute to the quality of your whole life, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Just as it takes time to cleanse and detox our bodies, it also takes time to cleanse and detox our minds.  Our toxic thought patterns are poisonous to our lives and especially to our hearts.  How can you live through your heart if your mind is poisoning every part of your life and body?  Any negative thought or belief is toxic to our well-being especially when these thoughts are directed toward ourselves.

The reason our toxic thoughts make us feel so “bad” is because they are not in align with who we really are; they do not come from our Inner Life, but through our outer life.  When you dwell on negative thoughts you move further away from your Inner Life until one day you wake up filled with anger, frustration, stress, anxiety or depression.  When you become consciously aware of your negative thought patterns you can more easily change them because you will have the control, not your mind.

03The first sign of any toxic thought is how you feel.  If you do not feel “good”, you are not thinking good thoughts. There is no way you can think positive and not feel good. If you can get in the habit of daily meditation, changing your thought patterns will come more easily because you will be creating no thought.  No thought aligns you with your Inner Life because you are then one with who you really are.  And when you are one with who you really are; negativity escapes you.  If meditation does not come easily to you, train yourself to change every negative thought to a good one even if it means focusing on just one thing that makes you feel good.  You can also get in the habit of consciously thinking positive thoughts before the negative thoughts take over your mind.  Start your day off by thinking about the aspects of your life that make you feel good.  In time, your mind will automatically think the positive thought before it starts to think the toxic thought because you have re-trained your mind into a positive thinking pattern.

Be patient with yourself as you move toward a new way of thinking and keep in mind what benefits the mind will surely benefit the body.  You will be amazed at how quickly life can change in the direction you want it to just by feeling good!!!!

Love & Light,

Cindy Ortiz, Inner Life Guidance Coach


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Letting Go of Emotional Pain

03The mind creates emotional pain through the thoughts it thinks.  These thoughts come from your resistance to “what is”.  The more intense your pain, the more you are resisting the present moment.  Never will you find emotional pain in the present moment.  In reality the pain you are suffering is just an illusion created by the mind.  However, because many of us allow our minds to control our emotions we live with this unnecessary pain.  This is the same as living outside your-self; outside the present moment.

You are and will always be the present moment, but you may not always be in tune with it.  The present moment is where your connection to your inner-being and to the Universe is.  It is where your power lies; the power to create a joyful life experience.  We are all One with the Universe.

When you go against life, resisting what is, you are living in the past or future.  Your mind is feeding off experiences that do not exist.  Let’s say for example your relationship ends.  The only way you are going to feel emotional pain from this experience is from thinking thoughts related to your now PAST relationship.  Essentially, you are going against what is.  You are going against what your life is right NOW.  You are not accepting your life as it is in this moment.  This of course creates the negative emotions you feel which in turn creates the pain.  Of course you may feel “sorrow” for this loss but it does not have to control your life.

Peace is Every Step by Thich Nhat Hahn

The Dalai Lama’s Little Book of Inner Peace by the Dalai Lama

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Living in the present moment means to be in control of your mind.  Pay attention to what you are thinking and where those thoughts take you.  Look out for triggers that may send you leaping into the past or future.  The moment a negative emotion arises you know your mind is trying to take you out of the Now.  The easiest way to re-focus is to become aware of where you are right now.  Pull yourself back into your body so to speak, leaving the mind behind.  The more you empty your mind, the more peace, joy, well-being and love will become your experience.

Water Red HeartLetting go of what was or what could be for what is will free you completely.  It allows you to stay focused in the present moment releasing you from the bonds of any moment that is not this moment.  This in itself will relieve your emotional pain.

Love & Light,


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