Be Easy On Yourself

08Why do we give ourselves such a hard time? So you ate a donut instead of a fruit, had a few drinks, didn’t do the housework, skipped going to the gym, laid on the couch all day.  In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter?  As long as you did not cause yourself or anyone else harm, who cares what you did or didn’t do. 

Ten steps forward and one step back is not a big deal.  Instead of focusing on the one step back, focus on the ten steps forward.  Focus on the ten pieces of fruit you ate last week instead of the one donut.  Focus on the hundreds and hundreds of hours you have spent doing housework instead of the one day you didn’t.  Focus on the progress you are making with your health by going to the gym instead of the one day you skipped going. 

rp_182-199x300.jpgI know from my own personal experience that giving myself a hard time would only make matters worse.  Not only would I get upset over what I did or didn’t do, but I also began losing my self-esteem and self-worth.  It got to the point where I felt completely worthless and undeserving of anything good in my life.  Before I knew it, I was sabotaging every single good thing that came into my life.  It got so bad that the self-sabotage started to come in unconscious forms such as anxiety, stress, illness and dis-ease.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many life changing opportunities I lost because of one or more of these things.  And that was not even the worse part.  The worse part was that I became completely out of tune with my Inner Life.  Being out of tune with my Inner Life was the same as living in unhappiness.  Nothing made me happy and the more I gave myself a hard time the harder it was for me to look at myself in the mirror.

rp_121-300x187.jpgTrust me when I say it’s not worth it.  The negativity will eventually consume you to the point of what feels like no return.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  It’s okay if you take that step back from time to time.  Your life is not going to fall apart and shatter unless you allow it to.  You are the one who is in control and who has the power over how you feel and how you choose to feel toward yourself and toward what you do and don’t do.  You are the only one who can make you feel bad.  The donut didn’t make you feel bad, you made you feel bad because of what you were thinking about that donut and about yourself.  The key to your success is what you choose to focus on ~ the one donut or the ten pieces of fruit.  In the end it’s all up to you.  So, just be easy on yourself and see how much easier life becomes. 

Love & Light,


Happiness or Unhappiness – It’s YOUR Choice

10A happy life starts with you, just as an unhappy life starts with you ~ no one else, just you.  You are the one who controls how you feel about anything and everything, which in turn controls how life is going to feel to you.  Let’s say you are having a bad day.  From the moment your feet hit the floor nothing seems to go the way you want it to.  You are faced with one unwanted situation after another and before you know it you are caught up in a tunnel of frustration, irritation, stress, anxiety, negativity and maybe even anger. 

If you keep living and re-living where you don’t want to be you will make it more difficult to get to where you do want to be.  Before you know it, days, weeks, if not months or years have passed and you are still carrying around the unwanted as if it were your best friend.  But remember, you always have a choice.  You can choose to be happy no matter what, or you can choose to be unhappy and miserable.  The longer you hold onto the unwanted, the worse you are going to feel.  You can continue to allow life’s unwanted “annoyances” get you down or you can change your thoughts and attitude about them.

04We are always going to be faced with unwanted things because it is the natural cycle of life.  To know darkness you have to know light.  To know what you want you have to know what you don’t want.  However, the degree, intensity, and time you experience it is totally up to you.  You can allow it to change your life for the worse or you can allow it to open up many more wonderful possibilities. The last thing you want to do is to fight against the unwanted.  And yes, sometimes it is easier said than done but what you have to ask yourself, even in the midst of chaos, is how you want to feel.  Do you want this thing that is causing you to feel less than joyful and happy, perhaps even stressed, worried, or full of fear, have control of you? Do you want this thing to be the decision maker in how your life is going to turn out?  No, of course you don’t.  So what are you going to do about it?  You are going to embrace it for what it is, let go of your attachment to what was, do what you have to do, and keep moving forward with a positive and optimistic attitude.  The world is your oyster if you allow it to be.

03Another thing to think about is this ~ why do we allow what we don’t like affect us in a negative way ~ meaning, why do we choose to be unhappy when we know it is our happiness and joy that is going to carry us to where we want to be!  Feeling good is the golden key to the Universe.  It is the key to all your dreams and desires.  Take it from someone who knows.  I spent the good portion of 20 years being unhappy but when I made the decision to live through my Inner Life and be happy no matter what, my life changed for the better.  And the amazing part of it, is that it keeps changing for the better.  You will grow, expand, get what you want, and become a deliberate creator……if you would just give to yourself first.  Don’t sit around waiting for something or someone to make  you feel better, just feel better ~ be happy ~ be joyful ~ be loving ~ be kind~ be playful ~ be excited ~ just for the sake of being happy, joyful, loving, kind, playful and excited!  The more you feel good the faster things are going to change.  It is not directly what you do that is going to change things, it is HOW YOU FEEL!  The Universe “reads” your vibration, so whatever you are putting out, you are going to get back, no questions asked!  A happy life starts with you!

rp_03-300x168.jpgLove & Light,


Letting Go of Emotional Wounds

377There are no emotional wounds that are unable to be healed.  If your wounds are not healed or are not healing as fast as you would like, it is through no fault but of your own.  We are the ones who are in control of our healing.  We are the ones who control how our wounds affects us.  And if you want to take it one step further, we are the ones who turn something into a wound.  Yes, we all have them, and there may be more to come, but it is up to us as to how they play out in our lives.  We can allow them to control and destroy our well-being, sense of peace, and happiness or we can learn and grow from them.  We can turn them into something positive even if it means just accepting them for what they are until we are able to see the light they hold.  So if you live with old or new wounds and they cause you to feel anything less than joy or happiness, isn’t it time to let them go? Isn’t it time to return to the present moment, get back in tune with your Inner Life, release the past, and give yourself some room to breathe again?

Love & Light,