You Are Not Your Inner Demons

sadnessDo you live with inner demons? Is there something you did in the past that haunts you day in and day out?  Do these demons control your life and control who you are?  Well, they do not have to.  There is nothing in the past that can affect you unless YOU ALLOW it to.  There is nothing that can DEFINE who you really are OR who you want to be unless YOU ALLOW it to.

Too often we live with guilt and regret over things we have said and done.  We allow these feelings to control our entire lives.  We live with self-criticism and at times loath ourselves.  For some the guilt and pain of the past causes feelings of unworthiness.  This will cause you to push against anything or anyone good that comes into your life.  You will destroy happiness and love because you do not feel worthy of it.  There are others, who will engage in self-sabotaging behaviors such as addictions in an effort to numb their thoughts and feelings.  For many, it is a non-ending cycle of suffering because of the choice to hang onto the past.  Yes, hanging onto the past is YOUR choice.

At one time or another we have done something we consider to be wrong or bad.  Others have committed acts of violent crimes.  Regardless of what it was that you have done, if you HONESTLY want to move away from it, and out of your past, you must find a way to forgive yourself, for if you cannot find forgiveness in yourself, you will never be able to move forward or heal.

th (1)Forgiveness toward ourselves is not always easy because we have to look in the mirror and like what we see.  We have to see who we are, not the demons that live inside of us. We have to come to terms with that which we did but we also have to accept it and ACCEPT OURSELVES for the same.  Forgiving and accepting yourself does not make what you did “right” it just RELEASES you from the past so that you can start living in the present moment.  Once you are in the present moment, your feelings of guilt, regret, and unworthiness will start to disappear faster than you can imagine.  When you live in the NOW how can you be what you once did?  You can’t because what happened in the past is not happening right now.

For many, negative thinking habits get in the way of moving forward and of feeling better.  This is when learning how to control your thoughts and practicing positive thinking comes in handy.  Whenever you find yourself thinking a negative thought, immediately change it to something pleasant.  It does not matter what that thought is, as long as it makes YOU FEEL GOOD.  Hold onto that thought for at least a minute or two.  When you do this, you will feel a shift in your vibration creating another pleasant thought that will pop in your head. 

Meditation is also an extremely valuable “practice” because the “freeing of the mind” creates the connection to your Inner Life, which will release your mind of all its clutter, trash, and negativity. It will also increase your awareness of the present moment, release resistance, and reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.  It will promote relaxation, inner peace and enhance your own personal and spiritual growth.

03If you struggle with worthiness, do things for other people.  It does not matter what it is, how big or how small, but just helping someone else out will promote feelings of “goodness” inside yourself.  Sometimes it is easier for us to be kinder to others than to ourselves and in doing so, it makes US feel GOOD as well.

You have a choice to live with your demons or to let them go.  The only excuse you have are the ones you make yourself.

If you truly want to let go of your past and move forward, then DO what you KNOW you have to do. Just remember that every moment you have is a chance to make your life better or worse.  It does not matter if you did something wrong five minutes ago, it is now in the past, and you now have the choice to do it again or to be who you really want to be.  

You are not your inner demons or what you have done – you are who you choose to be.

Love & Light,

Cynthia K Ortiz, Inner Life Guidance Coach


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Live, Breathe and Be Your Inner Life

81Do you want to be truly happy?  Are you filled with pain and suffering?  Do you blame everyone and everything for your unhappiness or misery?  Are you trying to please everyone except yourself?  Are you tired of trying to be happy?  Do you seek happiness through relationships or material possessions?  Have you tried making changes only to find yourself laced with feelings of anger, frustration, stress, or worse yet, hopelessness? 

Sadly, this is a common way to live.  Most humans after being born into this physical world become distant and distracted from their inner life.  This is no one’s fault, it is just the way of the world; the way of those who taught us as we were growing up.  However, in time, if the distance and distractions from your inner life do not dissipate, you will eventually begin to feel it in a variety of ways.  It could come in the form of uneasiness, anxiety, loneliness, addictions, self-inflicted pain, anger, hatred, depression or chronic unhappiness. 

What is your inner life?  Your inner life is the core of who you really are.  It is the center of all that is and all that you are.  It is the pure and true “one with” connection to Source (God, Buddha, Universe, Inner-Being).  It is within your inner life you will find comfort, peace, well-being, faith, hope, abundance, unconditional love, joy and true happiness.  It is where you are unbreakable and powerful in your life’s creations.  Your inner life is where all your dreams and desires are waiting for you; waiting for you to trust in the power of your inner life so they may manifest into your outer life.

What is your outer life?  Your outer life is everything outside of who you really are.  It is your physical body, your friends, family, career, material possessions, problems, illness and heartache.  It is your connection to the rest of the world but only on a physical level.  It is within your outer life you will find the exact OPPOSITE of your inner life.  It is where you have NO pure and true connection to all that is or all that you are.  Yes, your outer life may bring you happiness from time to time but it will only be temporary.  When we look outside ourselves for the things we want they either never come to fruition or they leave us feeling sad, lonely and unfulfilled.

09Ironically, you cannot have one without the other and you wouldn’t want to.  The problems and issues you experience in your outer life are what fuels the desires that reside within your inner life.  The seed of the “unwanted” is planted from your outer life into your inner life.  It is then within your inner life the seed is nurtured, cared for, loved and born into something or someone (you) so magnificent and beautiful it will take your breath away, leaving you wanting more.  There is no question about this because your inner life will never give you what you do not want.

Who you really are… are Source energy – pure, positive, constantly moving energy.  You are all that is and all that will ever be.  You are Source.  You are God.  You are Buddha.  You are the Universe.  You are and will always be Eternity.

If true and lasting happiness is what you are seeking, seek first from within.  Live, breathe and be your inner life.  Quiet your mind, focus solely on the present moment, and allow the power of your inner life guide you to where you want to be……

Love & Light,

Cindy Ortiz



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Life Is the Way You Make It

43One of the biggest set backs you can give yourself is allowing your “outer life” control your “inner life”.  Your inner LIFE is who you really are.  It is where nothing can break you and all that matters can be found.  It is where you are protected, safe, loved and one with Source.

When we are faced with a broken relationship, financial or business challenges, the death of a loved one, disease, etc. we have a tendency to fall into its evil trap of worry, stress, anxiety, pain and depression.  We allow ourselves to be consumed and sucked up in what is happening to us instead of continuing to be consumed with our natural state of being which is peace, well-being and happiness. 

How does this happen?  It happens because we step OUT of our inner life and INTO our outer life.  Something unexpected spins you like a Tasmanian devil and before you know it you are in a downward spiral toward the depths of your own inner hell.  A place where there is no hope.  A place where you literally have to crash and burn before you can even begin to think about pulling yourself up and out.  BUT, it does not have to be this way.  No matter what is happening in your outer life, if you can just remember to remain in the peace of the moment, to remain in your inner life, LIFE itself will carry you through.

52Life is in fact the way we make it because we always have a choice.  Nothing can take you away from who you really are; from your inner life unless YOU allow it to.  If the choices you are making seem to create a more stressful and difficult life experience, take a step back and ask yourself where you are.  Are you in your outer life or are you in your inner life.  If you constantly find yourself in your outer life, do, think and feel the things that will take you back to your inner life.  Do what brings a smile to your face, warms your heart, and creates joy and happiness. 

Trust me, I know how difficult life can get but I also know how easy life can be when we just allow the natural flow of life’s goodness carry us away!  The Universe is on your side and ready to give you everything you want so the choice is yours.  How would you like to make your life today?  Would you like to make it happy or would you like to make it difficult?  Would you rather live within the bounties of peace, well-being and love or the confines of stress, anxiety, worry, pain and depression?  Choose to be and live from your inner life and see how quickly your outer life changes for the better!

Love & Light,

Cindy Ortiz

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