I Am Who I Am Because It Makes ME Happy!

18I have always considered myself to be a strong woman; an independent woman.  A woman who can most certainly take care of herself, fend for herself and hold her own.  I would think this would be a great thing and yet I continually meet people who feel the need to question who I am and the choices I make.  I have blatantly been told that I am weird and then questioned as to what is wrong with me because I choose to be single and independent.  It is thought that I am hiding something, holding back, not allowing people into my life, or live with a hardened heart from past experiences because I am not responding to them in a way they are either used to or expect. 

Has it ever occurred in one’s mind that people make certain choices because it is what makes THEM happy?  That they are not living their life in the shadows of someone else?  That they are putting themselves first because it is what THEY want?  That they are going to do, go, and spend time with whomever they choose because it is what THEY want to do at that moment in time.  For whatever reason, it is their own personal choice.  Just because it is different from what you may want, need or desire does not make it wrong, inconsiderate or selfish.  Did it ever occur in one’s mind that a person can be happy living a life that is different from what you need or how you choose to live your life?

19It has taken me 47 long years to get to where I am and although my journey will never be over, I am proud being who I am even if others do not like me or my choices.  I am a happy, healthy, independent, single woman who lives a well-balanced, quiet, and peaceful life.  A life in which most of my time is spent “alone” per se and yet I spend endless amounts of hours with people whom I have never met through my personal development life coaching work.  It is a life I value and have no desire to change at the moment.

The life you choose to live may be the exact opposite of what I choose but it does not make it wrong, it just makes it different; it makes us different.  Being different is never a bad thing; how boring would the world be if we were all exactly alike?  People have the tendency to focus on how others are living because they do not want to face their own life or insecurities.  A good example of this in my case would be those who question why I choose to be single.  They believe I am not allowing love into my life for one reason or another and yet the truth is I love being single.  I do not need to have someone “special” in my life to make my life complete or filled with love.  My life is filled with love every day of the week not only through my inner-being but through all those I meet and interact with on a daily basis.

46My point is, before you question, judge or analyze the choices or life of someone else, take a good long look at yourself, your choices and the life YOU are choosing to live first.  When you go within first, not only will you find the truth about who you really are, but all the questions about everyone else will disappear because it won’t matter anymore.  Find yourself in the quietness of your own mind, be proud of who you are, and choose a life filled with people, places and things that will bring YOU joy and happiness! 

Love & Light,

Cindy Ortiz

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