Meditation Techniques


A breathing technique focuses completely on deep breathing.  You can do this meditation in silence or with soft meditation music.  Deep breathing is a very important part of your practice as it will help you to relax and release any negative emotions you may be holding onto in addition to tension, stress, anxiety and resistance.

When you breathe, you want to take 3 slow deep breaths in, and 5 slow breaths out.  This of course may vary from one opinion to another but what is most important is that your breathing “tempo” is comfortable for you.   In time, your body will fall into its own natural rhythm.



A mantra is “any sacred word or syllable used as an object of concentration and embodying some aspect of spiritual power”.  Mantras are considered a pathway to spiritual transformation and are practiced within the Hindu and Buddhism traditions.  The repetition of any mantra creates a vibration through the body which creates a calm and relaxed state of mind.  One of the most practiced mantras is the single syllable OM (ohm).  Other traditional mantras used are MA (mah), NI (nee), PAD (pahd), ME (may), and HUM (hum).  In the Tibetan traditions these mantras are used in combination as “Om Mani Padme Hum”.



Visualization is a technique in which you “envision” something in your mind as your object of focus.  Through the years visualization has been used as a method for healing, relieving pain, stress, anxiety or depression and for the purpose of attracting something that is desired such as a new car, a new relationship or more money.

When used as a healing technique you would visualize yourself free from any disease, pain, stress or anxiety by way of “envisioning” yourself in a happy and healthy state of body & mind.  The “picture” of yourself can be anything you want it to be as long as you see yourself as happy and healthy.  Any positive vision that holds you in a state of well-being is what you want to focus on.

There are those who use visualization techniques to attract a desired object by picturing themselves with the desired object.   When using this technique it is good to go into as much detail in your visualization as possible.  For instance if you wanted a new car you could visualize the make, model, color, interior design, the feel of it when you get it, the new car smell, the way the wheel feels in your hands, how your feet feel against the peddles, driving down a particular road, etc.  Visualize it to the point of it being real.

Visualization techniques can actually be practiced several times a day for up to any amount of time that your life allows.   Some have referred to “day dreams” as an “awaken” state of visualization meditation.  The difference of course being that day dreams normally occur when we are focused on another task such as work, cleaning or cooking, whereas meditation is the practice of complete focus on one “thing” requiring a quiet, non-intrusive environment.



A guided meditation is a technique in which someone guides you with the sound of their voice through your deep breathing, mantra or visualizations.  These can be very effective for those people who have difficulty staying focused solely on their own.  Guided meditations can also be used for a particular area of your life that you want to see improve such as health, abundance, relationships, etc.



The most familiar and very popular movement technique would be through yoga postures.  Though its original origination is unclear, it is believed that Yoga first began in India.  The term “yoga” first appeared in Hindu scripture where it is defined as the steady control of the senses which will lead to a supreme state of being.  Like meditation itself, there are a great variety of techniques and practices that have formed over the years.

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual discipline in which focus is made on deep breathing, simple meditation, and specific body postures.  This practice is widely used for improving strength, health and over all well-being.  Benefits can be achieved by practicing a few basic postures or a series of postures such as “The Sun Salutation”, which is one of my favorites.

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