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Are Your Beliefs Creating Heartache and Unhappiness

11I was thinking today about how powerful our beliefs can be.  They can control how we perceive other people and the world we live in, influence our future, and affect our every day lives.  Beliefs can take us higher, make us happier, work for us, and keep us in tune with our Inner Life.  But, they can also take us lower, make us unhappy, work against us, and keep us out of tune with our Inner Life.  Obviously it is beneficial to have a positive set of beliefs ~ but what if we don’t.  What if our beliefs are creating heartache and unhappiness. 

22Let’s take for instance a person who doesn’t believe they are worthy of a good life.  A person who believes they are “less than” with no hope in sight.  Can you imagine the struggle he or she must go through each and every day?  Waking up every morning with a feeling of dread for the day to come. Looking in the mirror and feeling nothing good for themselves.  Desperately trying to fit in somewhere, anywhere, seeking the approval of anyone who will give it to them.  Jumping from one relationship to another in an effort to find some sense of self and worthiness.  In time losing the ability to maintain a job, a home, and even worse ~ losing the ability to maintain overall well-being, balance and stability, all the while trying to be happy in a world that is completely painted with unworthiness.  A person who truly believes they are unworthy could have everything they want handed to them on a silver platter and yet find a way to destroy it all. 

Trust Your Gut Instincts

19We tend to forget how powerful our beliefs can be.  Once you think it, and start to believe it, your energy changes.  It changes to the point of then attaching itself to its own likeness. Meaning, you will start attracting what you believe – good or bad. In simple words, a belief is merely a thought you keep thinking, which in time becomes a part of who you choose to be, because you believe it to be true.  Whatever it is you believe, positive or negative, will in fact come true. All beliefs will in fact manifest into and become a part of your life and of you.  Any and all beliefs can be changed, but it is up to you to change them. 

20If you want to know whether or not your beliefs are creating heartache and unhappiness, take some time and think of all the areas of your life in which you feel dissatisfaction.  Now, ask yourself what your beliefs are surrounding this area of your life.  If you are not happy with your weight, do you BELIEVE you are fat and will never lose the weight? If you live pay check to pay check, do you BELIEVE you will never be wealthy?  If you have unhealthy relationships, do you BELIEVE you will never find the right person? If you are unhappy with your job, do you BELIEVE you can’t have the career you desire?  If you spent the last ten years of your life in prison, do you BELIEVE you will never have a normal life?  These are all very important areas of your life to look at and to determine if the cause of your dissatisfaction is from the beliefs you hold about them.  

32Once you determine which beliefs are creating heartache and unhappiness, all you have to do is change them. Begin by thinking the exact opposite even if you don’t feel it to be true.  Think it all through the day. Believe you are losing weight and slender, believe you have the ability to make more money, believe the perfect healthy relationship is right around the corner, believe you can excel in any career you so choose, believe you can have a happy and satisfying life after prison.  I promise you, in due time, if you keep thinking a new belief it will in fact come true.  It has no choice.  The now positive belief will attach itself to its own likeness and manifest right before your very eyes.  All you have to do is to BELIEVE!

If true and lasting happiness is what you seek, seek first from within.  Live, breathe and be your Inner Life.  Quiet your mind, focus solely on the present moment and allow the power of your Inner Life guide you to where you want to be ….

Live, Love & Breathe Life

Love & Light,


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