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It’s Been Hard

12It’s been hard for me lately.  I knew losing you would hurt and take some time to heal, but I had no idea it would feel like this.  I feel lost without you, like I am out of balance, like I don’t know which way to go.  Some days it feels as though I can’t even breathe and yet I am breathing more deeply than I ever have.  It is as if the foundation under my feet has cracked wide open and I am desperately trying not to fall in.  We build our lives on the foundations we create.  Part of that foundation is our family so when we lose family unexpectedly, our foundation is not the same as it once was.  Although you are still there and in essence my foundation is no less stronger than what it was, it is just different now.  I’ve been fighting the loss, wishing we could all go back in time, but I know the fighting is not doing me any good.  I cry for you because I miss you.  I talk to you because you are my friend. And I try to dream of you so that we can be together again.  I love you my beautiful butterfly ~ today, tomorrow, and into eternity. Forever Together, Your Hun 



  • Judy

    I understand your feelings. I too feel the pain deeply. It is unbelievable that she is gone. How could an energy so large, so full of love, so vibrant, leave like that and leave us with this huge gaping hole to fill? We will fill it Cindy and we will do it for ourselves and for her.
    She would say to us get out in life and kick some butt!
    And she is right there with us! Probably laughing at how difficult we make it for ourselves, and giving us little nudges when we go too far astray! ❤️❤️

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