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The Perfect Partner

He is kind, gentle, warm, loving and carefree. He is there when you need him and even when you don’t. He doesn’t complain, hold a grudge, or have baggage. He is always relaxed, goes with the flow, and never stresses or worries. He has complete faith and trust in me and in the Universe. He has no drama and shy’s away from negativity. He listens intently and never judges. He helps in trimming the plants and making the bed. He loves to be playful and is always up for cuddle time. He never asks me where I am going or when I am going to be back. He supports all my decisions, right or wrong. He is always up for snack, movie or nap time. He keeps himself healthy and clean. He shows his love, not through words, but by loving and affectionate gestures. He leaves gifts in surprising places and shows great appreciation when he receives a gift. He loves the sights and sounds of nature, bird watching, and basking in the sun. He is never late for a meal and enjoys trying new things. He participates in meditation and yoga and is a pro at the Cat Pose. To just sit and watch him brings overwhelming peace and love. He is funny and has a personality all his own. If you are sick, he is by your side. If you are sad or upset his touch alone is enough to calm you down. He never makes you feel like you are alone. He is the perfect partner. He is my perfect partner. He is my Henry!

Love & Light,


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