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Be, Have, and Live In Happiness

55There will always be times throughout our lives when we experience periods of unhappiness, of feeling down in the dumps.  But regardless of how we are feeling, it is our choice as to whether or not we want to stay there or move ourselves back to a better feeling place. 

There is nothing or no one who can make you feel anything ~ you are the only one who is in control of how you feel.  Yes, I know, we like to blame others for how we feel and we like to blame the world for how our life is playing out, but in reality and in truth, your life and your feelings are your choice.

59When feeling unhappy we have a tendency to focus on how we are currently feeling which in turn creates more feelings of unhappiness.  And before you know it, you are suffering from sadness and depression. So why not turn yourself toward the people, places and things that bring you happiness.  Turn yourself toward the present moment, leaving all past and future thoughts behind.  Being in the present moment is full of positive energy, abundance, well-being, unconditional love, peace, joy and true happiness.  It is a natural part of who you really are and you are never without it.

57Trust me, I know all too well how hard it can be to get up, get out, and get motivated when you feel like a slug.  But once you do, your entire body of energy will change and you will be back in tune with your Inner Life before you know it.  Your Inner Life does not know unhappiness.  It does not know the past, future, stress, worry, anxiety, depression, dis-ease or lack.  It is when we live outside ourselves, in our outer lives, that we suffer and live unhappy lives.  The more consistently you live within your Inner Life, the greater and more powerful part of who you are, the more in tune you will be and the more your life will be filled with joy and happiness! 

56So, instead of giving into the negativity of unhappiness, why not give into the positivity of joy and happiness!?!  No matter what is going on you can still be, have and live in happiness !!!

“If true and lasting happiness is what you seek, seek first from within.  Live, breathe and be your Inner Life.  Quiet your mind, focus solely on the present moment, and allow the power of your Inner Life guide you to where you want to be.”  – Cindy Ortiz

Love & Light,

Cindy Ortiz

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