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Suicide Isn’t Just About Death

angel-wallpaper-2Suicide is not just the act of killing one’s self.  Suicide is a long painful road filled with an endless feeling of such deep depression that it could be compared to that of slowly burning to death from the inside out.  Suicide is a choice not to be judged or criticized. 

When a suicide story hits the news it is typically responded to in a negative way.  Many would say it is selfish, cowardly and an easy way out.  Some would even look at it as a sign of weakness, but I feel differently.  It takes a lot of strength and courage to make a choice of such magnitude ~ to endure so much emotional pain and suffering for so long.  Not everyone can or has the ability to reach out and ask for help.  Not everyone believes in or can see hope for something better.  Most probably do not even know why they feel the way they do, they just know they want the pain to stop.

Suicide isn’t just about death.  It’s about a deep and tormenting pain that won’t go away.  A pain that cannot be overcome for one reason or another.  It’s about suffering on a level that cannot be explained or even put into words for most.  Suicide is about freedom and relief.  It’s about being able to breathe and in finding peace. 

24Those who choose death over life have suffered long enough.  They have done their best to live in a world, that to them, is filled with darkness. A darkness that has no light and no hope of ever seeing light.

Suicide should not be judged or criticized but instead embraced with unconditional love, compassion, and understanding.  An understanding that may never be understood. 

Think for a moment of what it must feel like to be so disconnected from love, peace, happiness and well-being that your only hope for anything better is death.  It’s hard to imagine isn’t it? So if you can’t imagine it, don’t be negative about it.

Love & Light,

Cindy Ortiz


  • Anonymous

    So sad, I’ve felt the pain, the lonliness & the dispair & even thinking others would be better off if I were dead. I thank the Lord every day for bringing me through that, addiction is not a goal a big party or a choice. Addiction is being in a whole so dark you can’t even imagine things could get better. Addiction & suicide take away good, kind, loving people who aren’t necessarily bad people… In rememberance of someone you know who suffered or suffers from either I challenge whoever reads this to smile at someone instead of turning your nose up, say hello to a stranger, get out of yourself & try to lift someone else’s spirits, you just may snap them out of it & save a life. Who doesn’t want peace and who doesn’t want to be loved!!!!! Anyone who reads this that can relate to the pain, hang in there today & don’t give up before the miracle happens, there is hope & there are people who care and in case anyone hasn’t told you today they love you I am telling you I love you……..God bless you brothers & sisters – XOXO

    • Cindy Ortiz

      Such beautiful words ….thank you SO much for sharing this with me and others. There is hope in each and every one of us. No matter where we are …up or down….hope is right there, so don’t keep it inside, don’t hide your pain, don’t give up. I am here for anyone and everyone because I love you! XOXO

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