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Love Is To the Soul…

17Love is to the soul like water is to a flower.  Some say the soul is the same as the inner-being (Inner Life) and some say they are different.  I believe they are the same.  The soul, inner-being, inner-child, inner-self, Inner Life, spirit, etc. is the eternal greater part of who we are.  I believe that if we are in tune with, in touch with, or even aware of the greater part of who we really are, a true and deep love with another is always possible.  It is when we attach our love to the outside world, to our outer life, that it is lost.  When you love from within, from your Inner Life (soul), it will never be lost because the greater part of who you truly are is nothing but true unconditional love. When love comes from a place of pure love, it can be nothing but true.

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