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Run With the Positive Possibilities

25When was the last time you ran with the positive possibilities of an unwanted situation?  As human beings, we have a tendency to allow our outer life situations affect us in a negative way. We allow them to take us down, turn us around, and control who we become, sometimes for a lifetime.  But, my question is why?  Why do we deprive ourselves of happiness just because something went awry?  What is so wrong with being happy no matter what is going on?  Do you truly believe being happy is going to make things worse?

I do understand, from personal experience, how difficult it can be to feel good when it seems as though your life is falling apart.  But I also understand how much easier it is to handle an unwanted situation when you feel good. 

The real problem starts when you put up a wall against something unwanted.  You don’t want to face it or deal with it, so you hide behind your wall trying to forget about it or trying not to feel the fear, worry or pain it may be causing you.  This in itself only makes matters worse because you are filling yourself up with resistance, avoidance, frustration, anger, and negativity.  You are going against what is and the present moment.

818When you step out ahead, leaving your wall behind, and allow your Inner Life, the greater part of who you are, to guide you, you will clearly see all that is needed to be seen.  You will be able to face the unwanted with ease and flow.  And when you go a little deeper, the positive possibilities of what it has to offer will begin to reveal themselves to you in ways you may not have ever imagined. 

Free yourself from the unwanted by turning your attention to the positive possibilities of what lies ahead.  There is, and will always be, a positive with every negative, so no matter where you are in life at this moment……relax, breathe and run with the positive possibilities!

If true and lasting happiness is what you seek, seek first from within.  Live, breathe and be your Inner Life.  Quiet your mind, focus solely on the present moment and allow the power of your Inner Life guide you to where you want to be …. 

Love & Light,


Cynthia K Ortiz, Inner Life Guidance Coach

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