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Higher Energy Frequencies through Appreciation

Appreciation is not just about gratitude but also worth, quality, importance, and awareness of the wonderful things and people in our lives.


When you make appreciation a daily practice, focusing on the gratitude, worth, quality, importance and awareness of all that is good, it creates higher frequencies in your energy. These frequencies put you more in tune with your Inner Life, with who you really are. They will also release negativity associated with any resistance you may be allowing from an unwanted life experience.  Focusing on what is pleasing in your life literally removes you from what is not.

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Appreciation doesn’t just come from saying the words, it comes from deep inside your physical body. From your Inner Life where the power of your energy flows in and throughout your entire being as a complete whole.

When you go within, leaving the thoughts and words associated with appreciation behind, focusing solely on the feeling of it, allow yourself to become one with your own energy. Feel it as it flows through your entire body ~ the warmth of it, the touch of it, the power of it ~ the joy and happiness of it.


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As with meditation, appreciation is a powerful tool that can in fact aid in relieving outer life “dis-eases” such as stress, anxiety, anger, frustration, emotional pain, addictions, depression, etc.  It takes you out of what is not (your outer life) and into what is (your inner life). However, this can only be done when your appreciation is true to heart.

Higher Energy Frequencies = 

Abundance ~ Joy ~ Love ~ Happiness



To get up in the morning and say out loud “I appreciate all that I have” as you are flying out the door, is not going to get you where you want to be.  But, if you were to get up 5 minutes earlier, sit on the edge of your bed, your feet planted firmly on the floor, and while taking slow deep breaths, feel the appreciation for everything and everyone in your life, then will you begin to see your life change.  Holding onto those feelings of all that appreciation is, will send an even greater surge of positive and powerful energy throughout your entire life experience. There will be relief, freedom, peace, abundance, joy, love and true happiness.

Love & Light,

Cynthia K Ortiz, Inner Guidance Life Coach

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