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The Other Kind of Regret

42In yesterday’s post ~ Regret Does Serve A Higher Purpose ~ I spoke of regret in terms of saying or doing something you did not want to and then feeling regret for it.  This post is about the other kind of regret.

The other kind of regret is when you regret not doing or saying something you did want to.  And by this I mean something positive.  Like for instance, when you are out and about and something inside you says “go here, go there”, “talk to him, talk to her”…..and you don’t!  You know, the kind of regret where you feel like kicking yourself for not doing it!  We have all done it and we have all felt it,  but the question is, why don’t we follow that little voice in our head?

There is only one answer to this question and that is fear.  At the exact moment when your Inner Life is guiding you, you do the one thing you shouldn’t do:  THINK!  As soon as those thoughts of doubt or question come crawling into your mind, you react in fear.  You fear you will make the “wrong” choice or decision, but little did you know there is never a wrong choice or decision.  Little did you know your Inner Life; that which you really are, will never guide you in the “wrong” direction.  Every “nudge” you have had (and will have) and did not follow, came from the same place inside you.  It is the place inside you that can be trusted without question.

33If you find yourself swimming in a pool of regret time after time, you are going against who you really are.  Even if things don’t turn out the way you initially thought you wanted them to, how can you regret the experience at all?  How can you regret being who you really are?  How can you regret being you?  You can’t, and that is why whenever you follow the all-knowing little voice in your head, it will always be a win-win experience.

So, to make it easy on yourself and to be happier, just allow every experience to be what it is – an experience – then, there will never be regret.

Love & Light,

Cynthia K Ortiz, Inner Life Guidance Coach


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