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New Year Resolutions vs New Year Intentions

164Yes, I know, everyone blogs about New Year’s resolutions, making their lists of goals for the upcoming year and encouraging you to do the same.  I am here to encourage you NOT to make New Year resolutions.  In fact, don’t even make a list of goals.  Instead, make a list of intentions, but don’t put a time frame on them.  Just leave them out there as something you INTEND to do or accomplish, period; a “Bucket List” per se.  Try not to think of them as what you would like to accomplish because right there, the difference between INTEND and WOULD LIKE creates negative energy.  When you say “intend”, it is done.  When you say “would like” it is not done.

When you continually think “I intend”, you will undoubtedly FEEL the accomplishment of said intention even before it is “done”.  How is this possible?  Because you will be thinking about it, feeling it, visualizing it, and living it through your Inner Life.  Even without doing anything to accomplish your intention, you will ALREADY be moving toward it.  This feeling, if you can stay focused on it, play with it, and live in the essence of it, will create such a positive forward moving stream of energy there will be no doubt in the happening of it.  In reality, it is already done.  Now you just have to step aside and allow it to come into fruition.

162Personally speaking, there has never been a New Year’s resolution I followed through on, finished or accomplished.  The moment I went “against” my goal, I immediately felt like I failed and I felt great disappointment in myself.  I would mentally beat myself up thinking I couldn’t accomplish anything, that I was no good and worthless.  So what did I do?  Did I get back on my horse and try again?  Heck no, I just quit and waited until yet another year to try again!  I believe this is what many of us do.  We give up too quickly on ourselves because we weigh ourselves down with things we THINK we should accomplish within a certain period of time.  What we tend to forget is we have eternity so we will never get it all done!

163The beauty of living through your Inner Life is that each and every one of your intentions will be accomplished through the natural flow of who you are and your life existence.  There will be no pressure, stress or anxiety over trying to get it all done because you will be living in the comfort and peace of knowing all that you want and desire will come naturally and effortlessly.  You will live within the glory and tranquility of well-being.  What will surprise you the most is some of your intentions will fall off your list because as you grow, learn, and experience, your desires will change right along with you.  What you once thought you wanted no longer suits who you are at this moment.  This is okay; in fact it is better than okay.  We are constantly expanding through that which we want and don’t want.  It is one of the most exciting parts of this life experience don’t you think?

So before you sit down and write out your New Year’s resolutions, think about what will make you feel FREE versus BOUND.  A list of goals with strict time frames or a list of intentions with no time frames filled with JOY & HAPPY!!!!!

Love & Light,

Cindy Ortiz
Inner Life Guidance Coach
Cynthia K Ortiz, Inner Life Guidance Coach

* Please feel free to e-mail me at if you have any questions regarding today’s post, want to share your own experiences, or if you feel you need a little guidance in your life right now.  I will always respond within 24-hours PST.  With Much Love…..


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