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Life Is the Way You Make It

43One of the biggest set backs you can give yourself is allowing your “outer life” control your “inner life”.  Your inner LIFE is who you really are.  It is where nothing can break you and all that matters can be found.  It is where you are protected, safe, loved and one with Source.

When we are faced with a broken relationship, financial or business challenges, the death of a loved one, disease, etc. we have a tendency to fall into its evil trap of worry, stress, anxiety, pain and depression.  We allow ourselves to be consumed and sucked up in what is happening to us instead of continuing to be consumed with our natural state of being which is peace, well-being and happiness. 

How does this happen?  It happens because we step OUT of our inner life and INTO our outer life.  Something unexpected spins you like a Tasmanian devil and before you know it you are in a downward spiral toward the depths of your own inner hell.  A place where there is no hope.  A place where you literally have to crash and burn before you can even begin to think about pulling yourself up and out.  BUT, it does not have to be this way.  No matter what is happening in your outer life, if you can just remember to remain in the peace of the moment, to remain in your inner life, LIFE itself will carry you through.

52Life is in fact the way we make it because we always have a choice.  Nothing can take you away from who you really are; from your inner life unless YOU allow it to.  If the choices you are making seem to create a more stressful and difficult life experience, take a step back and ask yourself where you are.  Are you in your outer life or are you in your inner life.  If you constantly find yourself in your outer life, do, think and feel the things that will take you back to your inner life.  Do what brings a smile to your face, warms your heart, and creates joy and happiness. 

Trust me, I know how difficult life can get but I also know how easy life can be when we just allow the natural flow of life’s goodness carry us away!  The Universe is on your side and ready to give you everything you want so the choice is yours.  How would you like to make your life today?  Would you like to make it happy or would you like to make it difficult?  Would you rather live within the bounties of peace, well-being and love or the confines of stress, anxiety, worry, pain and depression?  Choose to be and live from your inner life and see how quickly your outer life changes for the better!

Love & Light,

Cindy Ortiz

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  • Karen

    Hi Cindy, I accepted your pingback “Embracing the Unexpected” because of the underlying positive message : making peace with where we are and where our life is, acknowledging appreciation for the positive changes that might have arisen from a negative place. But, I cannot accept your premise that nothing happens in our lives that we did not attract or “ask for” on some level. Believe me, I did not attract or “ask for” breast cancer on any level. I can appreciate some of the changes in my life because of the disease experience, but I don’t think any breast cancer survivor wants to be told that they “asked for” their disease. You are right, however, we do have the power to change our attitude about where we are (wherever that might be in the disease process) and turn to our higher Power for strength, courage, and comfort as we battle through diagnosis, surgery, treatment, and life after. Having a positive attitude, embracing life, focusing on a happy future is all good. Thank you for sharing. Blessings, Karen

    • Cindy Ortiz


      I greatly appreciate your feedback and your thoughts in regards to my post. I believe I should be more specific when I refer to attracting and/or asking for what happens in our lives. I write in general terms, not delving deep into the subject of disease. It is a subject that would require the thoughts and opinions of many teachers on a spiritual level, not on a physical level. I will be more mindful now and I am grateful you brought this to my attention, I certainly did mean to come across as insensitive. I wish you complete healing, health, joy and love! Love & Light, Cindy

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