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It Is Not Because of You

47What another person says, does, thinks or feels is not because of you.  You may think it is, but it is far from it.  It is because of them; of who they are.  A person’s reaction or response to any one thing is their own. It comes from a place that only they know and understand.  This does not make it wrong or right, it just makes it what it is and who they are.

We all live in the same world and yet our worlds are totally different.  This is because we live through our own individual minds.  Yes, we may agree on certain things, but never will any two “agreements” be identical.  How you feel about something comes from your own unique set of emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions.  We could both be looking at a beautiful sunset but the beauty we see is going to be different because we are different.  We may agree that it is beautiful but what beauty is to you will never be the same of what beauty is to me.

59It does not matter how we are treated by another human being, it is always about the person it is coming from.  This falls true in experiences that we consider to be positive as well.  As an example, if someone lives a joyous and happy life, they are going to treat you very well.  If a person lives a miserable and unhappy life, they are not going to treat you very well.  You cannot be happy and mean or unhappy and kind at the same time, it just is not possible.  All that we have lived is inside of us and so our responses to others or to the world in general will be based off of what lies within.

So the next time someone treats you in a way that you do not appreciate, understand or agree with, remind yourself that it has absolutely nothing to do with you!  Give yourself a break and just let it go.  You are perfect exactly as you are!

Love & Light,

Cindy Ortiz

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  • Lucy

    I loved this article…it was like a light bulb moment for me. Short story…I was being bullied on a ward I work on and stayed there for 10 months enduring this to prove a point. I put a formal complaint in and the other nurse lied and was set to put in an official complaint until I read this. I had got a point where I thought it was about me but this other nurse has behaved in this manner before to others. Instead of the complaint I’m going to tell her that I forgive her.

    • Cindy Ortiz

      Lucy, I can’t thank you enough for your comment. It is not that often I get comments but this one warmed my heart and made the effort I put into my writing very well worth it. I was in a similar position at one time myself and in the end I had compassion, love and forgiveness toward the woman who did not make my life very easy. We never know what makes a person the way they are….rising above is always the best option! Love, Cindy

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