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Waiting to be Happy

You are not alone in your quest to be happy but haven’t you waited long enough? There are thousands upon thousands of people in our world today who are waiting to be happy.  They think happiness comes from things when in fact we were all born with and as happiness. Happiness is not something that needs to be achieved.  It is something that is already a natural part of who you are. Unfortunately too many of us become separated from the truer part of who we are.  This is through no fault of our own; it is just something that happens through our upbringing, beliefs, and perceptions.


Take a few minutes to think about your life as it is today.  Think about all the things you would like to have or achieve.  Now ask yourself if you are waiting for these things to come to fruition so you can be happy.  If your answer is yes, then ask yourself why. Why are you waiting to be happy?  The answer to that question will be the same for most. We wait to be happy because we do not believe we can be happy without the things we want.  When in fact, the things we want are already in place, we just have to allow them to come into our experience.  When you wait for something with impatience, frustration, anger or desperation (negative emotion) you fight against the natural flow of abundance.  Abundance comes from allowance; lack comes from resistance. Any time you hold a negative feeling towards something you are going to push it away. The initial feeling of wanting something is a positive emotion as long as you do not attach a negative emotion to it. Instead, live every moment in the essence of that which you want and see how quickly it shows it.  Better said, if you are happy NOW nothing will ever stop the flow of abundance.

There is also another chunk of time we spend waiting and that is on changing ourselves, changing something in our lives or even changing someone else. We tell ourselves we will be happy when….when you lose that last 10 pounds, when you find a better job, when your partner finally does what you want him/her to do, when you stop drinking, when you start exercising, and so on. You sit and wait for these changes because you think they will make you happy; and they will, but only temporarily. So again, take a few minutes and think about your life.  How many things are you waiting to change?  Why aren’t you taking action now to change them now?


We deprive ourselves of feeling good for no good reason.  We put off doing what we want because we are always waiting for something or someone else. Take for example this holiday weekend.  I ran into my neighbor who shared with me that she is having friends and family over for a BBQ.  She said she has been waiting so long to do this.  When I asked her why she had waited she said it was because she was waiting for a Holiday weekend.  After a few more minutes of conversation and my questions to her, she came to the realization that she does not have to wait or have an excuse to do something that brings her joy and happiness. Her belief pattern has been one that states you get together with friends and family on certain occasions and that’s it. It never crossed her mind to have a get-to-together at any other time of the year.

As silly and minor as that example sounds, believe it or not people wait for a whole range of things for one reason or another. But the truth of the matter is, if something makes you happy why not just do it now?  What are you waiting for?  With each step you take toward your OWN happiness the quicker you will get back to your natural state of being which is happy.  You do not need or have to have anything outside yourself to feel or be happy.  Once you get to the point in your life where you are generating happiness from within, all those other things you want and desire will come into your life but this time they won’t be what makes you happy, they will be what compliments your already happy state of being.  Until you find happiness now, in every moment, every breath, every step, you are always going to be waiting.

Love & Light,

Cindy Ortiz

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