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Frogs With Your Fries

I was completely taken aback when I saw frog legs on the menu of a very nice restaurant I was dining at here in Modesto.  All I could think about were those happy little frogs jumping around without a care in the world until their sudden death!  Yes I am aware that frog legs are offered in many restaurants but if you know who I am and what I am about, you will understand why this was so disheartening to me.  My life is about The Frog, hence Leap Like A Frog!  But that is not what this blog is about – at least not directly.  In a round-about way it is about facing the unwanted.

Frog 08

Although seeing frog legs on the menu was not something that shattered my world, it was something that caused me great sadness.  It was an unwanted feeling that was totally unexpected.  However, it did remind me that there will always be the unwanted and unexpected in our lives.  It does not matter how small or how big it is, if embraced in a positive light, it has the power to make our lives more joyful.  It also has the power to compel us to make changes within ourselves.  Changes we would not have normally made without the experience of the unwanted.

Without the unwanted or unexpected, we would never know what lies on the other side.

When you are faced with the unwanted, take it to heart.  Embrace it with joy, happiness, and love.  Welcome it with open arms and use this very special opportunity to see the truth of what this experience holds for you.  Know in your heart and have faith in your soul that this unwanted “thing” will in fact bring light into your life.  It will manifest itself into something or someone (you) bold, beautiful or breathtaking if you allow it to be just what it is.  For all that it is, is a stepping stone toward your heart’s true desire.

Keep in mind that the Universe is always working for you, not against you, so don’t take life’s unwanted experiences as a stab in the back.  We do not get anything from the Universe that we do not ask for.  We tend to forget how powerful our thoughts and emotions are.  You may not directly ask for something unwanted but on some level the energy you are sending out indirectly screams for it so that you can receive what you do want.  It is your desire for something “better” that creates these “unwanted” experiences.  But, in truth, they ARE wanted because if you did not have the experience of them there is no way you would be able to manifest or create your truest desire.  Instead you would sit idle in a place that brings you nothing but sorrow and unhappiness.

Frog 09

Everything has to have an opposite in order to stay in balance and expand.  Nothing or no one would change without the unwanted. You can’t be who you want to be without knowing who you don’t want to be.  You can’t have what you do want without having what you don’t want.  It goes against Universal Law.  You wouldn’t know love, kindness or compassion without knowing the unwanted of hatred, cruelty or judgment.

So before you get upset over what is going on in your life that you do not want, take a closer look at exactly what it is and what it can bring you.  Think about the possibilities this unwanted “thing” holds for you.  A broken relationship holds a loving relationship.  The loss of a job holds a new job more in line with who you are and what you want to do.  Financial struggle holds the drive to create more abundance in your life.  Addiction holds a healthy life.  Depression holds happiness….and so on.

In each of these scenarios YOU are the one who has the power to change the outcome of what these unwanted experiences will bring to your life.  If you look at them with a negative attitude, holding onto anger, frustration, fear or stress you are going to end up creating more of what you do not want because you are going against what is happening in your life.  And yes, of course you are “against” these types of things happening but you do not want to fight against them.  You want to “accept” them for what they are and allow them to run their course, but you want to do this with a positive attitude and outlook.  Just allowing the unwanted to do what it is meant to do (bring you something better) gives YOU the power, not it.  Do not let it control who you are or what you want.  You are the one in the driver’s seat!

Frog 07

As far as what my unwanted experience of sadness brought me; the sadness I felt held the joy I felt when I sat there thinking about what “The Frog” has brought into my life and how far I have come.  It has been through The Frog that I have had the strength, wisdom, and courage to keep taking leaps of faith toward happiness!  If I would not have experienced the sadness at this particular time, I would not have experienced the joy.

According to the Native American beliefs, the Frog symbolizes the journey ahead.  I use the analogy of a leaping frog because the frog takes a leap of faith every time he jumps. The frog fears not of falling or missing his destination, but instead he trusts his own instincts. He is not afraid of the unknown as he soars through the air. He doesn’t sit and analyze whether or not he should leap or which way he should go. He does not question or talk it over with his frog friends. He makes decisions from his own instincts, he leaps with faith, and he soars with happiness.

No matter what is going on in your life right now ~ have faith in yourself ~ trust your instincts ~ and leap like a frog!

Love & Light,

Cindy Ortiz

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