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When Life Feels Crappy

16A crappy life begins with you.  You are the one who controls how you feel which in turn controls how your life is going to feel to you.  Let’s say your week starts out on the wrong foot.  You reluctantly get up on a Monday morning, head into work and you are immediately overwhelmed with work.  You become frustrated, irritated and just want to go home.  The longer you hold onto these negative feelings the worse you are going to feel and the worse your day is going to be.  It is not Monday’s fault or the work’s fault making you feel this way; it is your fault.  Remember, you always have a choice.  You can continue to allow life’s little annoyances get you down or you can change your attitude about them.

What do you think will happen if you don’t let go of these negative feelings you are having on a Monday?  They are going to follow you through the rest of the week.  They are going to linger by your side like a displeasing odor that you can’t get rid of.  By the time Thursday hits you are done!  You have had it and now you just want Friday over with so you can start the weekend!  Counting back, how many days have you wasted feeling crappy?  Wouldn’t it have been nicer to change your attitude so that you could have enjoyed the rest of the week?

58Sometimes it is not even about a Monday or the mounds of work sitting on your desk.  Sometimes it is just about you being out of sync with you.  Whenever you feel any sort of negativity within yourself it is always because of one thing – you are not fully connected to your true-self (God, Source, Buddha, etc.) at that particular moment.  Perhaps you have been lacking in the self-care department, spending all your time doing for others instead of for yourself.  Maybe you did not feel like going to Church on Sunday and you are carrying that guilt around with you.  Or maybe you just need to give yourself a break, slow down and relax.  Whatever the reason, you can change how you feel just by changing how you are thinking.  Don’t dread having to go to work tomorrow, but find GRATITUDE for the job you have.  Those feelings of gratitude alone will almost immediately change the energy you are sending out and as you know, that will change the outcome of your day!

When life starts to feel crappy, take control of it – don’t let it keep control of you!  Turn that crappy day into a happy day!!!! 

Love & Light,


** I am a Personal Development Life Coach!  I work with people who want to better themselves, their lives, their relationships and or who just want to be happy!  If you do not live in the area, no worries!  I offer e-coaching (e-mail) and phone coaching.  Please visit for more information or to contact me.  I’d love to hear from you!


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